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About Us

  • Current service status 

    ► Service time:
    1. Administrative service: Monday to Friday, 08:00~17:30

    ► Certificate applications
    1. Inoculation certificates.
    2. Administrative and death certificates.

    ► Preventive health care and health promotion service:
    1. Epidemic prevention work: Infectious diseases prevention and promotional work for diseases such as enterovirus, dengue fever, AIDS and tuberculosis.
    2. Health care services: Smoke hazard prevention, national nutrition, cancer prevention, children’s health care, adolescent health care, foreign bride management, middle age to senior citizen health care.
    3. Heath promotion activities such as weight loss and exercise groups.

    ► Health inspection:
    1. Provides dining and business venue opening/closing application and case alternations; in addition, joint inspections are regularly conducted with higher authority public health bureaus in order to safeguard the health and safety of the people living inside the jurisdiction.
    2. Managing and assisting dining/business venues inside the jurisdiction.
    3. Pharmaceutical affairs management: Include the pharmaceutical companies, drugs, cosmetics, advertisements and management of medical equipment etc., as well as conducting promotion of knowledge concerning medications.