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Environmental Features

    The Sanmin District is located in the center of Kaohsiung City, and includes seven settlements.

    To its East, there are: Fongshan District, Niaosong District and Renwu District.

    To its West, are two districts: Gushan and Yancheng.

    To its South, are three districts with a river boundary: Ciajjin, Sinsing, and Lingya.

    In the North, there are two districts: Gushan and Zuoying. 


    The area is 19.7866 square kilometers, and the current population is up to 345,000 people. The Sanmin District is the second populated administrative region in the 38 administrative regions of Kaohsiung City next to Fengshan District. For the area of Sanmin District is vast and its population is large, it is divided into two districts by Minzu road in 2003: "Sanmin District East Zone", and "San Min District Wast Zone".

    The scope of our responsibility is the "Sanmin District East Zone".  The yellow part of the map.