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About Us

    Sanmin District Public Health Center, Kaohsiung City
    Provide professional innovative service , manage efficient team work, perform surveillance and control of infectious diseases, immunization and guidance,decrease infections diseases occurance.

    Conduct women and children Hygiene, infant health care, genetic health, early intervention for development delay children, oral Hygiene, Sight protection,mental Health and emergency education to protect our health.

    Perform blood, pressure, sugar and cholesterol 3 in 1 screening, ination of cervical smear, ination of female breast cancers, prevetion of the betal nuts harming to health and examination of the oral cavity, decrease chronic illness and protect our health.

    Manage the administration of medical affairs, Business & industrial Sanitary administration, The administration of Pharmaceutical affairs, Food safety, Sanitary education, Precaution works for tobacco cantrol.

    Organize and train the Volunteer workers of Samitation, the promotion of community Health set up, Self health management plan, spread out the conception of good health protection to creat the health community.